May 30, 2013

Blueberry mini pies tutorial

Hi everyone I have one yummy recipe for you today, I made these blueberry mini "pies" a couple of weekends ago, they only lasted throughout the weekend..they were that good..So lets get started on showing you how to make them they are so easy I made them plus cooking all in about 20 minutes now that's a fast yummy dessert for you!

Blueberry mini "pies" recipe
-refrigerator pie crust comes with 2 in a package
-cream cheese
-and a cookie cutter

The first thing you want to do is preheat you oven to 375 F, then take your yummy blueberries put them in a separate bowl I used about half of these blueberries. You then want to sprinkle some sugar on them just enough to coat them.

Like so, its just enough to coat every little blueberry you could always add more or less depending on your taste and likes.

Now go bust out your favorite cookie cutter, and just think the smaller the cookie cutter the more pies the bigger the less simple knowledge but good to know if you want to bake a lot for a party or get together. I used a bigger one because they were just for my family so I didn't need that many just enough to satisfy us. They were a good size to even put a scoop of ice cream on top and go add it.

If you have extra dough like you can see here that I did I just rolled it up took the rolling pin out of my overly crowded cooking utensil drawer and rolled it out flat again then repeated the process until there was no dough left.

Place the bottom pie pieces on a either sprayed/foiled/parchment paper pan, next i  smeared a hunk of cream cheese on the dough then piled it high with my sugar coated blueberries. Yum don't they look so good already, I want to make some more right now..

It many get a little crazy with those blueberries rolling all over the place but just keep piling them up because they will be nicely tucked in once you place the top piece of dough over them.

Once you have placed the top piece of pie dough on all that filling you many need to stretch it a little to make it all fit. Then you just take a fork and "seal" the edges so nothing leaks out.

Before placing them in your preheated oven to want to melt some butter and brush it on top you could also do egg wash what ever you feel comfortable with 

Cook those beauties until golden brown and viola you have made your self some really yummy and good looking mini pies.

I cut it open so you could see what it looks like in the inside after they are cooked.
Result they were so good and like I said they only lasted a couple of days. If you make any please let me know what you think :)


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