January 29, 2013

Mini up date more to come

HI everybody i'm back i'm back like MC hammer pants its for real this time, i'm so exited I have so much in store I still have been following my amazing blogger friends but have been just keeping quite on my end but, I would like to say i'm back in full swing. I'm sure a bunch of you are going to look in your blog feed and say who in the world is this person I was such a huge blogger almost two years ago, then I got pregnant with my third baby my son and (seriously hes 8 months old now)  i'm just now finding out how to do things I did before when i just had my two girls but its feels good. A lot things happened in 2012 that I don't care to talk about but I have to say the best thing that happened in 2012 was my last baby he is absolutely AMAZING and his sister are in love with him as he is in love with them :)

Is he not the most perfect little boy ever? hehe I maybe a little bias seeing he is mine but he is the only boy (grand baby) in the entire family and everyone can't help but just eat up his cuteness :)...

I was going to do a tutorial today of those suspenders you see on him but I think I will wait until tomorrow I want to start making free patterns to go with my tutorials as well so I will be looking into that. But for now i'll leave you with my daily dose of cuteness ( I will have a bunch pictures of my girls on here to lol not just all about my boy)

I about died when I did this mini photo shoot haha he was trying to pull it off the entire time :)

P.S I also need to redo this blog of mine I feel over whelmed when I go on it...

Peace and Love

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