January 30, 2013

A tutorial: suspenders

It has been quit some time since I have done one of these tutorials so please bare with me as I get use to blogging every day, I truly am so excited about it though but it just seems so new and everything looks so different but i know i will catch on quick :)

So today i'm going to show you how to make these cute little suspenders and i want to note that these are big on Trent because these ones are in my Gaius shop for sale I just need a cute little model for them I have made him some his size just have not gotten any pictures of him in them yet.

So today for this project you will need:

*Fabric of your choice not very much either
*elastic long enough to go over both of your bubs shoulders
* suspender clips I got at joanns for 1$ each 
*sewing machine

Lets get started
supplies needed

up close of what the suspender clips look like you can also use them for a bunch of other fun projects as well.

You want to cut your fabric a little bit longer then your elastic probably about an inch longer on both sides. Then your fabric width wise cut a little bit larger as well so when you sew the fabric together you can easily slip the fabric through.

Fold fabric right sides together, sew but not sewing either of the ends.

Now you want to turn the fabric inside out and iron flat

 At this point you will feed your elastic piece through the fabric.

Now take your suspender clips and place them on both ends flip that extra fabric over and sew the clip on to your suspender. Repeat....

Viola you have your self cute little suspenders and they are oh so easy to make seriously I made these in 15 minutes!!

I also made his pants and onesie :)

See how they are to big in the back it doesn't look awful if they were to wear them like this but if you would like traditional suspenders measure true to size :)

If you happen to make any and would like to share please send me a picture over at my Gaius facebook and i'll put them on the blog :)

peace and love

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