May 31, 2012


For anyone who is not on my facebook or business facebook I had my baby boy two weeks ago today (7 days after my birthday :) ).  We named him Trent Liam he was 7lbs 6 oz and 19 1/2 in long, I was suppose o get induce at 9 at night and my water broke at 8 pm i was complete and pushed him out in 5 mins he was born at 3:29 in the morning. He came out purple but he was good after a couple second of the nurses rubbing him, I couldn't believe how calm he was it was crazy he didn't cry getting his first bath he was just the calmest little guy ever and has been so alert since he has come out it's crazy lol.

 Then in the morning the peds came in and took him back to do his circumcision and he cried about everything for a week straight, but he is back to being calm. Now I have to deal with getting now sleep he was sleeping 5 hours a night which was awesome, and now he will sleep during the day and will sleep about 2 hours a night so i'm running on an hour or two a night for a week i'm literally running on fumes and getting more and more impatient by the minute.

Trent is my third baby as most of your know so I can't sleep during the day when he sleeps because I have my girls to take care of, and I just started school again full time on Tuesday ( i just got done with my other class three weeks before I had him) so I am getting extremely over whelmed and I just don't feel like my self once again. I didn't have any energy the entire time I was pregnant with him then I was feeling great last week after I had him I had my energy back and was just feeling awesome. Now i'm feeling worse then ever so I started taking my anti depression meds so I really hope they help me.

I had postpartum depression with Chloe (my first baby) and was on the same medicine as I just started taking now and felt 100 times better after taking it so I hope my body reacts the same way this time. Sorry this is so crazy and probably makes no sense I plan on writing more getting my business back up and running I also started a boys clothing line called Gaius that i haven't started making any thing for yet but plan on really really soon :)...if there are a lot of spelling errors sorry i'm typing this as the baby sleep so trying to type fast before he wakes up!!

We are so thrilled to finally have our boy I get my tubes tide in 4 weeks i'm actually not getting them tide i getting the essure where they stick rods in your tubes and then the rods promote tissue to grow around them and after five years the are still 99% affect as to your tubes tide after five years its goes to 97% affect. I cant thank my husband enough for giving me three of the most beautiful children and being there through everything as soon as he gets home from work he picks up where I left off and doesn't complain at all hes loves his children more than anything and me and the kids are pretty luck to have someone like him in our lives.

i'll write again soon I really want to get crafting again to maybe some tutorials in the works :)


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