December 12, 2011

sweater from a sweater~ tutorial

When times are tough you make Christmas happen by making your own presents, that is exactly what i'm doing this year. Handmade is just as good as store bought right? I think so, some may not but I could care less i'll just make sure not to make anything for you :) i'm going to show you how I made Chloe's sweater from a sweater I recieved from her GG that had never been worn or anything. I think it came out better than I had pictured here we go!

Sweater from a sweater

I took a sweater that was huge and cute everything down to size to fit my bug

Chloe's nana has a dachshund dog so its the one doggy she can say hey nana has a dog like this :). So i just googled the image printed it out.

then I took freezer paper and traced around the pcture with an exacto knife viola, now iron the image down.

put something under the image so the paint will not bleed through to the other side

squeeze your paint on

get it all nice and even and wait and wait for it to dry

peel off the freezer paper and your image is set looking cute on to putting the sweater together

serge the top and the long stitch the top to ruffle the front and back

now serge the arms and the rest of the parts need sergering

pin your arms to the sweater and sew on

like so

now you take the neck piece and pin it all the way around sew it on and your sweater is done so cute huh :)

I then took a bow that a sweet girl made for my girls awhile back and attached some velcore on the back to change out the bow when ever she feels like it.

and of course I sewed on a label

I hope you enjoyed I think it came out uber cute I have four more sweaters to do hmm what shall I put on the next one :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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