December 16, 2011

Home décor

This guest post from Edgardo Rosa

My wife loves to watch HG TV through our expertsatellite TV. She is constantly getting ideas to decorate or renovate our home. We have three grown sons, and for years our house looked like a disaster area. We had sports equipment, weights, books, cloths, etc. all over the house. My wife worked full time, and she did her best to keep the house nice and neat. However, now that our sons are all grown, she has become a decorating fanatic. I am actually glad that she has the time to spend on the house, and it is nice to not have to be constantly telling our sons to pick up after themselves. On the flip side, I now spend much more time in the yard than I used to because I had more hands to complete the job. The boys always helped me with the yard work as a part of their chores. Now that they are gone, I have been doing the yard work by myself, which has been tough. I am seriously thinking about paying a landscaper to work in my lawn. I do not enjoy yard work the same way that my wife enjoys working inside the home, so for me it is less of a hobby and more of a responsibility.

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