December 20, 2011

baby boy

I really wanted my last pregnancy to go smooth I guess that just isn't possible for me with any of my children. After I seen the specialist I was hopeful that I would go back to seeing my doctors every four weeks but not in the works for me I got my blood work back yesterday I had five strands of the hand mouth and foot diease now I have to been seen every two weeks with routine ultrasounds. They really want to keep an eye on his heart to make sure everything is Aokay with him, the other thing that really got Erik and I upset is that he could be born deaf or blind because of it we wont know until he comes. Everyone is saying that he will be just fine but there is always that worry in the back of your head until he is here and we can get all the test done.

he looks so sweet in there and even though they want to keep a close eye on his heart, everything looks perfect he is perfect size and his heart looks great. I love how he is giving a thumbs up and smiling like i'm okay in here :')

And now that I have all that going on I found out my uterus has notching which can lead to preclamsia (had with my first daughter) growth restriction (also had with my first daughter) and some other complications. so if thing couldnt get worse we really just have to be hopeful that he will stay in me til full term and be born healthy as can be.

Finally got that picture to show everyone he really is a boy and not just me saying it :)

SO now we just have to wait for our baby boy to get bigger strong healthier and to full term to come in to this world so we can see his beautiful face and see if this aweful virus caused an harm to him, I love you already baby Trent we all want you healthy but we will love you no matter what happens. ( he just kicked me tear)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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