October 27, 2011

owl hat ~ A tutorial

I thought this would be an easy one for people who don't know how to crochet like me, make this hat the same way but with fleece :)

Owl Hat


For the pattern I measured both my girls heads, and what do you know their the same size, so I took the measurement and took half that size. 21in took it to 11 inches and split that in half and got 5 1/2 in and made the pattern that way. That probably makes no sense but in my head it did ha

Then I cut out two for the front and back 

I then started to cut out the shapes one for the nose which is just a triangle with a round bottom, and the eyes two giant circles

now I was going to use embroidery thread but it wasnt working how I wanted it to so I just used needle and regular thread.

when everythng is sewed on it should look like this

now put both pieces right side together I sergered all the way around you can do whatever you want to close it

should look like this how cute is it looking

now cut strips as long as you want cut them into three, not cutting all the way through, and do a basic braid, then I sewed the bottom so it wouldn't unravel, I also sewed the pieces to the hat.

Viola cute right? Chloe loves it, and it's perfect just in time for the colder weather to come. Not that it ever gets cold here just wishful thinking on my part :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Is the pdf with the traced pattern available anywhere? That's the part I can't seem to figure out. How tall to make it


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