October 24, 2011

my life

This fall has been so werid It was so nice out for about three weeks we were outside every day play and bbqing, doors and windows opened letting fresh air in wonderful. Then about a week ago the weather decided to play games on us it's be 95 everyday like really I didn't want to have to turn my air back on in the middle of October just aweful. Today I have to addmit it's a little better.

Riding bikes going on walks enjoy every minute with our girls, couldnt get any better than that in life..

BBQing is a favorite of our we experiment with everything on the grill especially veggies some work some dont ask i'll tell :)

All of the beautful flowers in bloom you can't help but enjoy the outside this time of the year in Arizona.

Daddy enjoy his girls, always.

Chloe loves to help her sister when she needs the help

running and jumping you can't fail with either one

ending the day with an ice cream cone always puts everyone in a good mood.

falls are so nice here not cold not hot just PERFECT

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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