July 1, 2011

Mekong Market

Now by now you should know our family of four loves going to the Vietnamese restaurants and eating yummy food from my sunbursting mirror tutorial, and about a year ago they opened up an entire shopping center called the Mekong Market. We go there ALL the time :) we eat at Unphogettable haha I love the name but the food is to die for good and my girls love it to so that's a plus!

So what this post is about is ever since we have been going to the Market, we first go eat and then we go to the store part and get these AMAZING snacks and i'm not playing these things are the BOMB!!

oh the hello panda ones are mouth watering good (maybe because i'm the HUGEST chocolate lover ever) but the strawberry ones are pretty good as well (those are Erik's favorite)

The hello panda come ten to a pack because they know I have two little girls who get 5 each :) The girls hate the strawberry ones I think they may take after me just a little to much!!

you bite that puppy open to get this taste I can't even describe it's so good. It's chocolate flaky goodness oh these have to be in heaven I just know it haha

And the strawberry ones they are good but cannot compared to the chocolate 

And if you have a Vietnamese Market by you please don't walk just run there and find them in the aisle you will see what i'm talking about..Off to go stuff my face with my hello panda!!! 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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