July 3, 2011

bud's blooming headband ~ tutorial

off to finishing up the rest of my hair accessories tutorials for my big project that will be done soon but not soon enough!!! off we go

Bud's blooming headband tutorial


I said 13 but I did less what ever you would like, that you think looks best :)

cut as many as you would like again but bigger to smaller to get that flower effect like so!!

glue the flowers together, cut out leaves and glue them to the back of one flower, than you want to take a strip of lace and i hand sewed/ruffled it..Just take your needle and thread sew along one of the longest sides and then pull to want it ruffle up, than I glued it on. After that I took a stretch headband and glued it right on.

Viola, simple yet cute as can be!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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