July 26, 2011

belt with lil blue boo image ~ tutorial

a couple of weeks ago I made a super cute belt for Chloe I got the image from lil blue boo blog, and i'm going to show you how I made it for her. 

strip of fabric twice as wide, and the length of your waist or little ones
Nesting Doll repeat image printed on iron transfer sheet

fold your strip of fabric in half  (right sides together if you have print on your fabric) and sew all the way up/closed beside the ends, so you can flip right side out.

flip right side out..

once flipped right side out you want to iron it flat, this is the back of the belt so you don't see the line right down the middle

now fold in both ends and slip stitch them shut.

grab your images and cut them up into strips

now place it on your belt start at one side and work your way to the other side, by just placing the image right side down and ironing for a couple of minutes peel it off and viola.

Then I took my belt buckles that I purchased at SAS for 15 cents and folded the fabric over them and sewed to secure them. Lastly I added one of my labels...and that's all she wrote...

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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