July 2, 2011

4th of july matching outfits ~tutorial

If you follow me on my Patricia Rae Designs facebook you would have seen that I wrote a few days ago that I received 4th of July korker bows from my friend Mary who owns Little Mama Bowtique for both of the girls. I never really make anything or go all out for the 4th but seeing these korkers were so stinking cute I had to make them a matching outfit. This is the tutorial for their 4th of july outfits I tackled two out in less than and hour so you still have time to make yours, if you would like!

fourth of July outfits tutorial

two onesies in the size you need (but a shirt would work just as good)
blue fabric
red fabric
white trim
sewing machine
serger (optional)

take both your pieces of fabric and serger each end or zig zag to prevent fraying

now fold up your sergered ends and sew down so you just see the line of thread not sergered edges although you could leave it like that if you would like :) (I used white thread so you could see what i'm talking about)

once all those steps are complete you want to take your trim. I got mine at SAS yup you see that right 1$ for over 36 yards I went trim crazy the last couple of times i've been there, my stash of trim is so yummy looking I love it. I use trim for EVERYTHING now!!! 
Take your trim and measure out as long as your red piece of fabric is and your are going to sew it on to the bottom where you just hemmed it up and sewed in the previous picture.

like so, love the look of the trim it gives it an entire new element 

now once that is all done you want to close the fabric to make a "circle" put the fabric right side together serger or zigzag down. Viola now do that to the blue piece of fabric, and we can start assembling the dress.

now you want to take your red piece and push it up as far as you would like it to be on the onesie or shirt, making sure the fabric and onesie are right side together like so. Trying to show you here hope that makes sense!

once sewed on to the onesie flip over and it will look like this already looking so cute to me :)

now you want to do the same thing to the blue piece of fabric but just lower on the onesie or shirt

VIOLA look how cute this little 4th of July beauty is, i'm going to be doing a photo shoot tomorrow of both of the girls in their outfits, i'm going to use props and everything :) my first time. I'm super excited stayed tuned for some pictures of the girls in their cute new dresses also with their little korker bows to pull the entire outfit together!!

Hope you enjoyed

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Super, super cute and SO easy!! I'm going to have to try this for my little girl! Can't wait to see the photos!


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