June 8, 2011

statement necklace ~ tutorial Craft 13

The tutorial I am about to share with you is a requested tutorial, if you would like me to make something that you have been dying to know how to make let me know!!!

I love statement necklaces big or small they are all so pretty and perfect, i'm going to show you how to roll the flowers and assembly them, but honestly I think everyone does them different thats why they make a "statement" unique and different.

statement necklace tutorial

glue gun
glue sticks

cut your fabric into strips any size you would like how ever long you would like

Now you want to take a strip of the fabric you just cut up

make sure your glue gun is nice and hot fold it in half and glue it together

showing you what it will look like

now take the strip and fold it again in half and glue

now once everything is glued, start to roll and twist your fabric while gluing every couple of twists so it stays in place

it will slowly start to resemble a rolled flower continue doing this

the more you twist and roll the fabric the more it starts to look like a flower

almost finished

now when you get to the end of the strip place the end in the back of your flower and lay it flat by placing the hot glue on it, let dry for a few seconds

and this is your completed flower continue for as many flowers as you want, and you can do as many different colors as you want I just used one color to show you quick how it's done :)

now you want to cut a piece of felt out so you can glue each flower on 

glue them on in any order you think looks best to you 

than embellish away I used sliver pearls and some pink accent rhinestones (my flowers are not glued down here, that is why you can see the felt, if they were glued down no felt would be showing) then you add ribbon to make the necklace. Viola you have completed a cute as can be statement necklace!!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Hello Amanda,

    loved your blog! I'm writing you from Brazil. I have a blog too but it is in portuguese :/ Anyway, thank you for sharing your great tutorials :)I'll link you in my blog...


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