June 2, 2011

Sprinkle Cupcakes

For my birthday this past may my husband took me to sprinkles cupcakes because, everyone knows me and cupcakes are best friends..So I was really excited when I arrived its about 10 minutes from my house, so when I was walking up to the store I expected more from the store it was so tiny and packed with people. But I was staying because I want to see what the hype was about these cupcakes, we waited in line and then the person took out order for 6 cupcakes it was 22 dollars are you kidding do you know how many cupcakes I can make with 22 dollars about 6 dozen, any who we still bought them lol..

defiantly not beverly hills try scottsdale az lol 

while we waited for our order to be made I snapped some pictures

this was the only selection of cupcakes and from where i'm taking the picture was where the front door was super tiny inside

I was so excited to get home and dig my face in sugar 

they package it all up for you

we got home opened them up we got two chocolate covered marshmallow, one coconut, one red velvet, one banana, and one white and black

And I just have to say I don't understand what the hype is because they were all pretty gross the frosting was just eww and if you know me I can eat a jar of frosting, the cake was okay but putting it together they were just not good. Erik and I were so pissed that we payed 22 dollars for something that was not even that good :( 

so all in all I will never be going back to there I'm good just making my own cupcakes, if life was like a Cupcake I would not want them to be Sprinkles Cupcakes

This was my opinion only every one is entitled to there own opinion, you don't like what I said to damn bad get over it!!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. So true! There is a little cupcake shop near where I live. Since they are so expensive I figured they would taste great but wrong! They were actually really dry and actually my homemade cupcakes taste better! I do like custom ordering them for my sons 1 bday pics though since they design them any way you would like:)


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