June 13, 2011

Headband holder~ tutorial

I recently seen a tutorial that i'm about to show you but, because this is my blog I would like to put everything I create on here, also you might have not seen the tutorial because there are MILLIONS of craft blogs out there. So today i'm going to show you how to make a headband holder out of stuff i'm sure you already have laying around your house...

Headband holder tutorial

I love how my turned out but I need about 5 of them to hold all of our headbands in this home :) (that picture in the background was chunky me when I was a day old lol)

oats tube emptied cleaned
batting (or I used felt and double wrapped it)
glue gun
glue sticks
scrap fabric big enough to go around you container 

make sure your glue gun is nice and hot put a line of glue right down the tube, place your batting or felt on to it, roll until its completely covered. I rolled mine a couple of times with the felt to make it extra thick for those headband to really stay well.

It should look like this after you glue the batting or felt down on each side, it doesn't have to be perfect because you wont see it in the end!

now grab whatever fabric you would like to use, i'm using mushrooms because the girls room is nature theme!

place glue on to the felt then push the fabric down to make it stay and then roll it all the way around

place some more glue at the end push down again, cut off the extra fabric

now make the ends as fancy as possible, in a way wrap it like a present if you have enough fabric. I didn't so I just went with the fold it was wanting to make!

I did a huge shopping outing at SAS this weekend and found this awesome vintage trim for a dollar for 36 yards I was so happy..(I bought it for a huge dream come true everyone will know about soon enough)

I then got a old plate 

flipped it out and put so glue in the middle of the plate stuck the headband holder right on

fancy up the plate with an old old necklace I made like two years ago that I never worn and Viola place you headbands on and you have a great holder.

The girls nature theme room is coming together so good I love everything so far and it's more organized than every before and thats what I LOVE!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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