June 7, 2011

four squared flower ~ tutorial

Today i'm going to show you how to make those cute puffed flowers you see everywhere and wondering how in the world are those made? I love these flowers I make them with fabric, with felt, they can be made with pretty much any kind of material you have on hand. They are fast to make up and you don't need very much fabric or supplies. Lets get started...

Four squared flowers

scrap of fabric
needle and thread
and a piece of felt

cut out 8 circles all the same size, and one piece of felt the same size

take your circle

fold it in half 

it should look like this when folding it in half

now you want to fold it in half again, showing you how here

what it will look like when folded twice

the front 

the side

now you want to sew a little stitch where my thumb is

sew another on until you have four on the bottom

what it will look like with all four sewed on

once you sew the four on the bottom layer, you want to take the next four and place them in the middle of the bottom ones like in the picture

and go around until you get those four sewed on 

the back, just showing you what it looks like when all of them are sewed together

now take the pieces and "fluff" them with your fingers to make the "puff"

finished now lets make it into a hair clip

cut a little piece of felt

take your glue gun and put glue on the longest sides push it down on your flower and you are done easy peasy 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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