June 5, 2011

Easter pictures at Tata's

This year we went over to Erik's Tata's house (all of our Tata's) it was fun for new years when we were over there they cooked an entire pig this time around they had an entire COW yum haha and this is the fun we had...

all three of my beautiful girls

the girls and their cousin Seferina

Erik and I (my hair is no longer brown its back to blonde)

look at how beautiful they are

Erik and the girls

Erik showing Sora pee wee, I didn't get any pictures of princessa this time (the donkey)

digging the cow out from the pit

ava and Seferina

here is the cow

Vincent and the cow tongue 

Ian and the eye ball yummy haha

Nana GG and rudy (Erik's brother)

bubba and tata each eating a cow eye

Sora kept getting afraid of the dog

Nana gg and Petal

Taid and Sora

flying a kite

yes she can

she was done for the day she had enough :)

Than I had to go home and study for my Chemistry test, that I rocked the house on :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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