June 5, 2011

"easter" basket makeover ~ tutorial

I know easter was a couple of months ago but I haven't blogged in a couple of months, and I'm so glad that this is my blog so I can update when ever I feel like it. I know most of your are going to think i'm crazy when I start uploading some crafts all the way back from Halloween haha but I really do have some tutorials from way back then that I wanted to get on here so please don't make fun of me.

I got the girls easter baskets last year and wanted something "new" for them this easter, so I decided to spruce them up some so here is a makeover tutorial. Now I can use these baskets all year round if I really wanted to..

"Easter" basket makeover tutorial

two easter baskets for two little girls
glue glue
glue sticks
white fabric any kind

cut your fabric into strips as wide as you would like

now to make the ruffles long enough to go around the basket I doubled some strands first sewed two together and then ruffled down the middle

the smallest ruffle you want to glue on to the handle

then go from biggest ruffle to smallest and glue all the way around making your ruffled basket 

and the second basket I just ruffled the top of the fabric and glued all the way around different look still love

we filled their baskets full of goodies and let them go crazy on easter morning I made those bunnies using a tutorial online (but at the moment I have no idea what blog they are from sorry)

next up pictures from easter haha

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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