June 6, 2011

dollar crafts for my girls

I love Joann's store because of the coupons they have, I only will go there if I have a coupon haha. Every time I check out, I always look at the dollar section and sometimes I find some cute little crafts for the girls to work on. I will show you some of the crafts I have found for them...

now in this family everything has to come in two's because each girl wants what the other one has, so this was perfect two magnets for 1$ can't beat that!!

the girls painting away, have to say painting is one of their favorite crafts

all finished they went crazy with the paint :)

another time I went I got a necklace packet for chloe and a coloring the cupcake for sora

she got to make her own necklace

Sora worked on her cupcake 

it's coming out good so far

almost finished 

Chloe wearing her new necklace, she wears it all the time now she is so proud that she made it all by her self!!

So go to Joann's some time look in the dollar section by check out and i'm sure there is a craft for your little ones sitting there waiting for you to take home for them to work on and have fun!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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