May 19, 2011

what is up with me...

Why is it so hard for me to blog lately when I go to sit down and do it, I get this over whelming anxiety walk away and start working on something else is there something wrong with me? I'm not to sure! But have you noticed a difference on my blog I hope you have because, it's completely re done and I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Katie she is so flipping amazing she also re did my etsy if you want to take a look right here. Speaking of etsy have you seen that I re opened it back up I started putting new items in the shop on my birthday already got a sale which i'm proud of hehe. Back to Katie she is going to be opening up her own business which I know she is going to do awesome at, if you would like to know anything about her she is now an administrator on the blog which i'm so proud to have her here, she maybe leaving post from time to time...

I have a ton of tutorials to post and I hope my anxiety doesn't kick in so I can get them all up for you lovely followers of mine. I want to say thank you for sticking around I got 100% in chemistry this last semester one step closer to graduating can't wait to help mommy's deliver there babies. So I will leave you with that, I hope you love my re done blog as much as I do Katie really knows how to give you what you want by just saying a few words!!!

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Congrats on re-opening your shop...sounds like you have a plate full of things to do...sometimes it is best to step away and breathe...I find keeping a pad and pencil with me all the time to jot little things me something to check into when I get BLOGGERS BLOCK...just a helpful hint, I hope...


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