April 6, 2011

Kairi's high tops tutorial ~ Craft 10

I'm so sorry that I have been absent from my blog lately, I've been so focused on school I forgot about everything else but school and my family...but i'm back, I have a few days to finally get my blog back on track..I'll be up loading all the crafts that I missed in March, I was working on crafts just never got around to uploading them on here :)...so on to craft 10, I just love the way these little "high tops" turned out I made them for my little Sora bora..and seeing I already had shoes with her first name I decided to use another name of hers...Kairi (Ky-ree) is her middle name and from there my mind went wild and this is what I made...

Kairi's High Tops tutorial

you want to get two different fabrics, and cut out four of each pattern 

the "high top" part you want to cut on the fold so it's four long pieces to wrap around the shoes

I started with the high top placing the two opposite fabrics right side together sew all the way around leaving a space to flip right side out and iron flat then sew up the little open slit, repeat for the other shoe

showing you what it should look like when sewed and ironed flat

now on to the top part of the shoe, you want to again take your two opposite fabric pieces place right side together and sew the inner oval all the way around

showing you here if you didn't understand the step above

now while the fabric is still right side together, you want to place the back up against each other and sew right down "closing" the top of the shoe

now you want to flip right side out with your main fabric on the out side like so

no you want to pin pin pin your bottom piece down the inside fabric first, once pined sew around your entire shoe, then depin.

what it looks like on the bottom

now for the main fabric bottom you want to place it on top of the shoe with the fabric right sides facing and pin down leaving a space to flip right side out, sew around flip and you will have this little space. You want to slip stitch it up.

now you could just leave you little shoes like this or you can move on to the high top part

Now before you pin on the high top piece to your shoes sew up the back (I didn't in this picture, but do so before) then you want to pin it around the entire opening and then you have finished, some cute Kairi high tops for your little ones.

add embellishments

keep them plain folded down

or plain, what ever your heart desires Sora loves wearing them and they look super cute on her

I will have the pattern up tomorrow if anyone is interested in making them 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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