March 3, 2011

refashion tank top part 1 Craft 2

Most of my crafts I want to be on the simpler side for others who don't sew and know only basic but I have to tell you by day 31 the crafts are going to be on the sewing machine :)...any who I was at the dollar store the other day and I picked up a bunch of things to be made into other things :)..and this is a dollar store craft, the tank top was purchase for 1$...

1$ tank top
Scraps from lil blue boo
thread and needle 

Now what you want to do is take your scrap and cut it down to size I keep it as is, just straighten it out some. Then you want to take your needle and thread and sew down the center of the scrap to make a "ruffle" 

now pick where you would like to put your ruffle

and then sew in place I chose on the shoulder (hence the part 1)

you could leave it as is for a cute quick re-fashion or stay tuned for part 2 you will need....

Fabric screening kit
contact paper
my funky looking owl or any image you would like
and your new tank top

also here is another picture of Penelope the mermaid from momma made it hers turned out super cute as well and she made them long and skinny, I love all the different variations :) make sure you go to her blog and check out the rest of the pictures...

Thank you so much for sharing

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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