March 5, 2011

Kawaii style hairclip~tutorial craft 3

So I know I said I would have a craft for everyday and i'm still going to there just might be a couple of crafts on the same day if thats okay with your guys :)... today i'm doing a tutorial on something i made awhile ago just completely forgot to put on my blog (made the tutorial and everything) so here is a tutorial on a cute tree hair clip...

blue felt
brown felt
felt for backing
clip or headband or pin

 I just made a template my self easy just make a "cloud" looking like top and a trunk for the bottom, I then used the backing felt in gray, black thread for the face and pink for the outer stitching, along with the heart and A + E

you want to pin you two pieces down on top of the gray and cut around making the gray one piece, then at this point cut two slits in the gray for your hair clip or head band...

now you want to stitch the face how ever you would like

then you just stitch the entire body on to the back and you are done you can add a little saying or symbol on to the trunk for an extra touch..cute and simple

I hope you enjoyed easy go make some i'm making a flicker group in case anyone would like to add a project they have made of mine..see you soon with the next craft

P.S I finally made the first edition of If life was like a cupcake into a book on hoping to receive it soon, can't wait for my girls to read it one day :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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