March 9, 2011

Coffee filter flowers~ tutorial Craft 8

I've had this idea in mind for a while now and I just got around to it this weekend, I think they came out super cute something different but I love different...

hehe aren't they adorable

Coffee filters
Styrofoam balls 
flower stems 
glue glue
glue sticks

All of these items were purchase at the dollar store :)

so I only had two little balls so I used multiply stems in one ball

grab a coffee filter 

pinch the bottom of the coffee filter

it should look like this, know you want to place some glue on the bottom where you pinched in and then stick it on to the ball and repeat repeat repeat a bunch of times. 

what it looks like when one is done you could trim it down if you would like it smaller I like it as is

Viola takes about 30 minutes to do as you can tell on the second one I was getting a little sloppy :) thats okay I really don't mind brings more to the flower...

Also i'm re doing my living room, I started on my "Family" tree mural it's freaking huge haha and I also made this cute little number I seen it on the Shwin's like a year ago found HERE
cute huh love it...this will be added to my tree mural picture of that later

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. maybe if you dye the different filters with blue and pink it would look like hydrangeas, cute idea!


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