January 17, 2011

quick ramble

have to post really fast so my shop will be closed by the end of this week...i'm doing a huge discount sale if you would like to purchase anything email me at patriciaraedesignsforyou@gmail.com and i'll let you in on the deal...also i'm going to be guest blog soon while a lovely little lady sets cruise with her hubby so stick around for a great tutorial i'm in the process of making...

All orders that have been already made are going out tomorrow, sorry no custom orders i've had a really rough week and school starts tomorrow and I would love to get my items to homes where they will be worn..each item purchased will come with something free though...also just made the cutest onesie dress yesterday for Chloe who will be 4 in a week CRAZY...the tutorial of that will be up in a day or two...

okay ramble ramble I just wrote what came off the top of my head so it probably sounds crazy and out of order but thats me :)...go ahead and look at my shop its found HERE or located on the side of my blog...thank you for listening and stick around for some great tutorials ahead...

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. newest follower from tuesday blog hop, also hosting $20 gift card giveaway on myblog, come enter.


    love the title of your blog and look forward to reading more


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