January 8, 2011

Hi everybody.....

For the people who are new to my blog i'll let you in on a little secret my name is Amanda, and I have two little girls Chloe PATRICIA and Sora RAE :) uhmmm ring a bell anyone? you got it Patricia Rae Designs is my girls middle names combined into one. I know me and Erik won't be having anymore children because we are so good with our two over the top whiny crying overly dramatic girls :) but we love them to death we really really do...I do ALL of this because of them without out doubt because of them....So that is where I came up with my "name" and if I ever make it big I will just cut the designs off and keep it Patricia Rae :).....but on to the me and Erik are never having another baby so that will always be my official clothing line name....I hope this doesn't sound snotty because my husband said it did and i'm so not meaning it to at all just wanted to let you know :)

I have a tutorial coming up another hair clip tutorial. I'm kind of in to hair clips now as my girls will finally wear them and keep them in. For the longest time the girls refused to wear hair clips and I don't know why but were good now :)

oh and also some one asked if I made all those clothes that I posted the other day and the answer is YES, all three parts I've been working my little tail off lately...I would love to be know and be big one day (I know a lot of peoples dreams) but truly one of my ultimate dreams (besides becoming a nurse practitioner) by the way school starts up again next week so maybe thats why I've been sewing like a mad women...who knows I don't even :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Hey, when it comes to kids everyone has a different number. We have one boy and one girl and we still plan on more, but when we found out the second was a boy people got all weird and told us that we were done. Excuse me? I decide when I am done! So, I have no problem with you saying you're done. It's YOUR family, not anyone else's! So everyone with an opinion on how many THEY think YOU should have should just keep it to themselves!

  2. thank you Beth I totally agree I don't care if you want a hundred thats you and your family but we are good as a four member family..and I hope your family gets blessed with more children because they really are wonderful :)


  3. New Follower via Follow Me Monday. beautiful clothes! and designs! Amazing talent you have!

  4. My daughter loves hairbows and clips.

    I'm blog hopping today and thought I'd stop by your blog.

    Hope you will stop by and follow either or both of my blogs.

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    Have a very blessed week!! :0)


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