December 17, 2010

My family updates~pictures

Lets just say i'm loving my "jobs" first as a mommy, second as a one women business owner, also getting my career in nursing and being a loving wife, it's completely hard and unbearable at times but I would not change it for one second ever!!!! I would have never thought my etsy shop would have done as good as it has been and I thank each and every one of you who has ordered from me it means a lot and send me pictures because i'm going to start posting them on my blog to show my designs off :)....this is just a little post on pictures that I need to post on my blog as I say a million times this is going to be turned into a book for my baby girls to one day read to see what their crazy mom use to do for them and everyone else :)....

These two pictures were taken before they went and saw santa clause

 santa was so nice to them he even sat with them and read them a story (chloe was speechless she was so excited) (sora was just not in the mood for some large dude dress in red holding her)

lol sora's face 

I love my family I believe we made some of the cutest girls around, hey just saying :)

My mom and I went and got the girls Christmas photos done they came out so darn cute here is one so far I need to get the rest cropped and then i'll put them on here

The girls and I finally made our ginger bread house its going to be a craft with the girls I put up soon just so far behind with EVERYTHING....

We went to the parade of lights in chandler Az

it was fun and we had to run home at the end because Chloe was ready to pee her pants lol

I love my family they are why i'm here today doing what I do, I wouldn't change any of the stress thats what makes my day more interesting....

please don't for get to vote for me on the Shwin sisters blog found HERE, I really would love that chance to move on to the next stage but I don't see that happening as i'm in last place, my outfit is the gnome skirt Chloe is wearing :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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