December 23, 2010

almost a new year

I'm excited for Christmas but can not believe its going to be Christmas eve in an hour..i'm excited because its the first year where Chloe really understands what it is and she is excited and that makes me excited lol...but i just wanted to talk for a minute to say right after Christmas I have about 10 tutorials that will be up and pictures of life and of things that I've been making lately...

also new year starts new things...i'm going to be starting to make adult clothing plus way more boys clothing and accessories and continue with little girls items as well i hope you stick around I haven't forgotten about my blog just been crazy busy I've made over 30 Christmas present this year nuts huh....okay stay tuned for after Christmas fun tutorials to come :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Woohoo... excited to see what you come up with for little boys!!! I'm praying my next one is a girl because I have so many ideas for girls clothes, but my poor lil boys wardrobe is lacking right now :o) MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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