October 4, 2010

Where did September go...

Even though it's not September anymore I still manged to get a lot done throughout the national sewing month and i'm just going to post some pictures of things I accomplish but didn't get them up on my blog...

I made lots of sleeve pants and shorts
also I don't think I uploaded that little girl to her right(along with Hera she seems to some how always work her way in the picture :)

a lovely blog by the name of the purl bee offers a template and everything for a bunny costume which little miss Sora will be this Halloween. I also painted their door I want something new to our house i'm sick of looking at the same old white boring everything so pink stripes it was :o)

Also another great blog parasolcrafts where I purchased a package that came with these two little transfers I love them made them for the girls one on the left is Sora's, right is Chloe's.

I made some diaper covers with no elastic in the thighs I like the way they look and for a comfy feel (these remind me of a bunny)

So here are some of the things I've accomplished in Sept but now just posting :)

I've been making new things everyday lately so i'll post all of the new things later until then

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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