October 9, 2010

The twins are 10 Whoa

Today Erik, the girls and I went to a birthday party, the twins Celina and Robbie they will be 10 (on October 13th) the day after me and Erik have been married 4 years. Time flies by the twins came into our life when they were 6 their amazing kids and they have a sister who came into the world shortly after Seferina. Chloe and Seferina are exactly 10 months apart their best buds (Chloe is older). but any who the party was fun it was great to see Danielle it's been a minute since we have seen her. Here are some pictures from today...

Celina's gifts I made her

And these cute little pillows I found the pattern and the how to at the purl bee found HERE I love that blog no joke you get lost for hours go check it out if you haven't already

Miss Seferina 

I actually got her smiling the kids were cranky tonight they were tired 

I look creepy here but hey whatev

all the kids got to paint and make crafts Chloe loved it 

That's all for now until then...

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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