October 27, 2010

Handmade jewels made into hair clips Project #4

So about a week ago Chloe and I decided to make some jewels,  I never really done anything like this before and I had some glitter glue lying around the house along with risen molds (because one day i'll buy risen and make some cute necklace...one day) and thought hmm doesn't glitter glue dry out maybe it could make some cute  little glitter shapes...so we got to work filling the trays and after I put the tray on the counter thinking it will probably take a day to dry....well a week and some days later they finally harden up and became little jewels, and we decided to make hair clips out of some of the shapes here are some pictures of our fun...

Some we put buttons and pearls in while wet etc..whatever you can find...

hope you enjoyed, now go craft with your little ones

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. so cool
    new follower

  2. What an easy and fun craft. I know several little girls that would like to do this!

  3. Wow! So cute! Your creativity really shines! :-)
    Hi! Following you from wednesday blog hop...looking forward to reading more of your posts! ♥

    ...would ♥ to hear from you too.


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