September 26, 2010

Paper doll mural Tutorial part 1

I'm sure your wondering what major thing is going on in the girls room well here it is and kind of a mini tutorial on how to make your very own paper doll mural.

First part how to make your doll..

First draw one of the worst drawings ever so you get an idea of what you want. take it over to the wall you want to make your masterpiece on and pin it up.

grab your handy dandy pencil plus lots of erasers, specially if your as bad as me free handing drawings.

This is what she should look like so far then you want to draw her hair, face, and tank top and shorts on.

this step I grabbed Chloe and we traced her hands (she felt special being involved in the process)

this is what she should look like after you took a sharpie marker and drew the outline you had of the pencil (hence all the pencil markings still on the wall)

Next part of the tutorial making the clothing so the girls can change her outfits when ever they like so stick around this one is a fun project...

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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