September 9, 2010

Cut offs

It's 7:30 here right now that means I have 30 mins to type this up before I have to get in the shower to go to is a mini tutorial on how I made these cut offs for Sora (we will be doing a photo shoot later today after school :o)...

grab your material that you are using, this is an old curtain (lots more project's i've already started with the rest of this material)

Measure your child and cut two pieces the same size

Sew up till you get to the crotch and stop they should look like this so far (not sewn together)

Pin sew the crotch together, then you can see there are two loops already sewn on so what i did was took that first bigger loop folded it under....

like so and sew around leaving a space to pull your elastic through

now after you put your elastic through you have a cute little ruffle going around the top

now pin the bottoms up and sew

I wanted too add a little something more so I added an appliqué pocket

Pictures will be added today of what they look like on, there super cute and look comfy..I LOVE up-cycle..

Peace Love and Cupcakes

Update here are two pictures Sora let me take


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  2. These are so cute! What a great way to reuse!

  3. Love this. Definitly something I would love to make for my little girl. Great work. She is so cute. Come by and check out my latest post.

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  8. Those are super cute.. I am going to have to try that.. They look super easy. Just a little basic sewing skill and your in business. Which is good because I have just restarted sewing.

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  15. Wow it turn out very good.
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