August 18, 2010

ruffle clutch tutorial

Okay so i'm caving in on how I made the clutch I posted yesterday I don't know if there are any other tutorials around the web for this but I guess this is my version if there is :) also sorry ahead of time about the pictures I was making this at like 10 pm kids were asleep so I just made it on my bed, and did I tell you it's like one of the easiest things i've made took about 30 mins because the ruffle was fighting me I won in the end but she was kicking my butt for a min :o) here we go...

grab your materials I could put up a pattern if interested

Okay so I wanted a little stiffer clutch so what I used was an old burp clothe it's washed but has a permanent stain so you wont see that when finished

next I took my three piece of fabric lined them up and just cut any hanging fabric because the burp clothe was a little big compared to the main two pieces of fabric, but really the burp clothe could be your pattern if you wanted to do it like that.

Next I took the ruffle piece which is twice as big as the main fabrics and pined each side to make nice sides and then sewed them, then I did two ruffles down the middle 

Like so and pull pull pull on the thread to get the ruffle as long as you need it then you pin to the top fabric and the burp clothe and sew it on.

After you sewed the ruffle on you want to take the lining the red and pin it on top of the ruffle and out side fabric like so, being sure to leave a space to flip right side out.

Shown here

Then you sew and flip right side out this is just a picture showing you that i'm flipping right side out :)

Poke those corners out I even took the iron out and ironed them down I really don't know if that really mattered but hey why not

It should look like this at this point, while you have it like this take up the bottom as far as you want or as big as your clutch you want and you want to sew up the sides so it becomes a "clutch"

In the end it should look like this a cute little clutch, as you can see there is a little pin still in this picture because where you flipped it out you want to slip stitch it shut and then your done :) hope you enjoyed now go make a bunch I was thinking for a new mommy you could even put diapers and wipes in it.

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. That clutch is so stinking adorable!! I love it! and it looks like i could possibly do it! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial!! :D

    Stopping by from Positively Positive!


  2. I have so many clutch-in-progresses! LOL This one is too cute! I hope I can resist the urge to add to my pile of incomplete clutches! LOL I am really bad at that!

  3. I love ruffles, and this clutch turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm so glad everyone liked the way it came out I wasn't to sure on it :)


  5. OOOH that's awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this project as well!

  6. Flipping LOVE this! I so have to make some!



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