August 12, 2010

Finger painting

After me and the girls dropped off daddy this morning at work we came home and finger painted here are some pictures of our fun...

Sora was trying to eat the paint 

She didn't like it to much


Chloe is my little artist and she already wants to start sewing and she is three will wait a couple more years and then she'll get her hello kitty sewing machine :o)..

how cute is this she did it all by her self and said it was her and sissy

and here Sora's I helped her on this one hehe

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. How cute! Do you let her sew by hand? Like with a really big embroidery needle and some felt? My boys sometimes like to sew projects with me. Love the pink smiley cloud sisters! I wish I had a girl.

  2. I haven't really let her sew by hand but I did find digging through all my "clutter" thats i'm working down in size lol these kids needles there super cute and I was thinking about giving them a try i'll for sure post pictures when she makes something with them...

    Super cute boys sewing with there mama I love it i've always wanted a little boy maybe will have one, one day thank you for the comment I
    appreciate every single one :)


  3. That look on Sora's face is priceless! LOL

    Know what you could do for Chloe? There are really big, plastic, "needles" that aren't sharp that are sold for tucking in yarn ends for knitters. You could let her sew with one of those, some yarn, and some felt. (pre-cut for her, of course) Just a thought...

    Here's a link to an easy teddy:

    You can use paper clips to hold the front to the back instead of pins. Who says the seams must be tucked in on a first teddy? :)


  4. omgoodness thank you so much i'm going to do this with her tomorrow after school she will love it...i do have those needles so we will give it a try


  5. I'm so glad that worked out for her! :)

    Surely, you will continue to show off her progress, too, right? :)


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