July 25, 2010

Tissue cupcake decor: Tutorial

If anyone knows me they know that i'm obsessed with cupcakes. So I did my girls room in cupcakes it's still a work in progress but it will be finished really soon...

I cut up a big piece of tissue paper into little square pieces and the two circles are two pack from the dollar store

took a piece of cardboard cut it to look like the shape of a cupcake wrapper

This is where you start plugging in the hot glue gun
because it's time to put the tissue paper on

Almost done

So these two pictures need credit and they will as soon as I find there blogs it will be an update but its need reck...

Peace love and Cupcakes

update: the picture of the cool looking girl is right here still looking for the other one. With the picture if the girl I added a signature 3D necklace to her, I love it. It's been in her room for awhile.


  1. so cute and I think my girls will love to make these cuties!

  2. really sweet, what a creative take on the cupcake craze! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  3. We needed this for our cupcake conference last weekend! What a fun project! Thanks for linking up to my party!

  4. How cute and fun is that!?!

    Thanks for linking up at Craftastical!


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