July 26, 2010

It's time to start selling all my stuff I'm beyond ready :)

I Never knew I had this crafty itch in me until it was full blown when I got prego with Sora I love it I hope it leads me some where good someday soon...I try to succeed in everything I want to accomplish and it will happen some how or another :)

tulle belt with a hint of zebra fits any size even me :)

marshmallow fluffy belt can be made in any size could play it up or down or just throw it on your little one...

Leopard me pretty ruffled goodness, this is the perfect touch for any gathering..

cupcake hairclip cute for daughter and mommy me and my girls go around sporting these everywhere :)

booties and bows to go

huge flower headband with a nice over-sized pearl in the middle, perfect for weddings or any big occasion..

newborn flower pot, can be made for any size shirt... with the perfect touch of pearls

I hope you enjoy the things I make... 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

P.S speaking of cupcakes I took pictures of a cupcake I made once I want to eat it through the screen...

I always heart cupcakes

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