June 25, 2010

I want to be me...

I have been making more things for me lately and I kinda like actually I love it things i'm coming up with are me and thats what i'm about me not trying to be some one i'm not....any who I was sick of complaining I have nothing to wear with lots of old fat clothes to cut rip destroy and make pretty, I did just that and this is so far what I've came up with tell me what you think :)....

First here is a new necklace i've made for me lately its different kind of fancy but i like to play it down :)
pearls and lace love me some pearls

me playing it down in my pj's :)

Then I bought this blue plain shirt from old navy 5 bucks, the other shirt I used for the ruffle side was an old maternity shirt that never fit right and was just plain ugly...
with these two shirts I made this one shirt 

next I wanted a skirt to go with this shirt and this is how I made the skirt, this was also an old maternity shirt that I could swim in these days, thank you breastfeeding :0) did me wonders on losing weight 

I cut the top part off because I wanted to some how use it with in the skirt but I just liked it plain in the end results

I measured elastic around my waist cut sewed for where the elastic goes and viola my cute new outfits nows heres me showing it off hehe

it comes off to the shoulder, I like that about the shirt

and I took my summer scarf threw it over my hair as you can see how bad it looked in the previous pic :) throw a belt on your ready to hit any place BUT outside at this moment in Arizona you boil like an egg when you walk out side so caution you don't want to be here in the summer time you will melt to the pavement...

Peace Love and Cupcakes Amanda

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