May 10, 2010

t-shirt pillow

So for mother's day I made a really cute and very easy t-shirt pillow and i'll show you how I did it :)....
so I took my shirt from 6 years ago in high school and chopped off the arm and neck along with the bottom so I could get a rectangular shape

like so but after this picture I did cut off the bottom :)
next I took another shirt I had from high school a lace shirt and chopped it up to make some kind of design out pf it to make it not so boring 
like so... don't forget to sew the lace part on first other wise things may get diffuctly :) (thats something I would do, and almost did lol)
then I put them right side together

sewed around it, left a space to flip it out, stuffed it and then add a cute bow from the lace shirt viola a cute pillow that my mother loved (she got me the shirt 6 years ago hehe)

sorry about this pictures very ugly I swear picture taken had gotten better for me but it still sucks lol :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes Amanda :)


  1. Great idea! I work at a high school so I have dozens of Spirit T-Shirts. I am going to try this with some of those shirts. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. great idea. I really should consider this for my son's all-star baseball shirts as he outgrows them.


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