April 27, 2010

rags to riches

I got this table from my next door neighbor love her she is so sweet, so this table needed work for sure.I've had this cupcake wrapping paper lying around along with some tissue paper, mod podge, and paints thats all you need to accomplish this cuteness!!!

 grab a free table
clean it if dirty from being outside for days :) who cares it will be cute...

 grab all the tools you want to use

So first I cut a big enough piece of wrapping paper that would cover the top of the table then grab your mod podge ( whoa my foot looks swollen haha any who)

put a layer on the table so the paper sticks

 rub it down so all the bubbles and what not are out and I had left overs hanging over and I just trimmed them off with scissors!

next you want to put a coat on top so when your 3 and 1 year old eat on it and can be easily be wiped up :)

Loveland was the color I used it matches Chloe's bed I had plenty of left overs to use up.

I didn't take pictures of me doing the chairs but I took valentines tissue paper cut out a square to match the chair and repeat with the mod podge. I painted there names on each chair and viola you have a rags to riches table set for your little one i'm in LOVE with how it turned out!!!

and if you start to paint their names to far over just put a heart on the chair to make it look even!!!

let them eat!

 enjoy everyone
Peace Love and Cupcakes Amanda


  1. I have one of these tables and I have an unhealthy obsession with Mod Podge...guess what I'm doing this week! Thanks for the idea!

  2. So cute! The girls look so happy!

  3. Oh I love this!!! *wonders of 31 is too old for a cupcake table* It is the cutest!!

  4. lol no way me and my husband have tea parties with the girls all the time with the cupcake table hehe your inner child could always come out every once and awhile :)

  5. This is just great! We have this set (its from ikea) and I've been wanting to pretty it up. Wrapping paper is a great idea. :)


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