April 30, 2010


So I always see everyone showing you how to cover snap hair clips but what about bobby pins? well here you go :)

so I didn't measure the ribbon but I thought it would fit around it and it did perfectly

so I pushed it through the bobby pin to start and put a dab of glue to secure it

showing you were I put the glue

then I flipped the ribbon over going over the top and put another little dab of glue 

then brought it around and back under and put another dab of glue and viola your done easy as can be and I like easy :)

then I placed some glue on it 

and placed it on the back of the hair clip and I haven't taken any pictures of the girls wearing it but it stay better in there hair then just a regular hair clip

Have a great weekend
Peace Love and Cupcakes Amanda

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  1. II loved this tutorial and i'm already a fan of your blog.. and a follower, of course ;-)

    Best whishes


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