March 24, 2010

I love re-doing pictures frames!!!!

I wanted to spice up our walls without painting them (not allowed) so I decided to re-do my pictures frames i'm sorry about all the bad pictures just recently have I gotten better at taking pictures :)


So you can't see in the girls Christmas pictures that I made them the same bow that I put on the picture frame and the other picture frame I made like I did with their cupcake picture and I put a huge pearl in it.

here is a better view but still can't see the bows in their hair thats okay i think you get the idea lol :)
But I have lots more pictures frames around the house that have their own little touch to them i'll upload them over time to show you that i love re-doing things..I love to take things I already own and revamp!!!!
Love peace and cupcake :) Amanda

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