March 25, 2010

hold me tight

So I decide to make Chloe a stuff animal holder last night at like 10 pm I had a burst of energy and i'm usually in bed at 9 :)!! So this is what I did I found an old t-shirt from my fat prego days and a cute fabric that is already through out their room.
Next I cut each into a square shape I didn't measure or anything just kind of cut till it looks like a square/rectangle...I first cut the arms and neck and bottom part off and that is basically how I got the shape I wanted :)
see not the greatest rectangle but you wont be able to tell when you get done. then you take your fabric I cut it the same size as the rectangle then cut the fabric piece in half so you have two smaller pieces..

 then you line it up as you can see I have a lot hanging over I just cut it off sewed the pieces right side together , I added ribbon to mine to add a little something to it :) I love adding stuff to stuff that probably doesn't needed to be added.
Then sew each sides together add lil ties so you can tie it to a bed or any where you would like a viola your done easy I made it in less than a half an hour!!

I knew this picture was blurry but i took it 10 mins ago with a sick mamas in my arms :)
Love peace and cupcakes :) Amanda

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  1. Brilliant idea! My 16 month old daughter's stuffed toys are getting out of control so I will probably make this to hang on the side of her cot. Thanks!


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