March 24, 2010

first post of my family many more to come :)

Seeing its still March and I'm making this blog to put all of my creations, thoughts, and for my children to one day see this i'm going to put pictures up of their birthday's Chloe turned 3 on Jan 26th and Sora turned 1 on March 3rd.
                                                                   Chloe Patricia Ann
Sora Kairi Penelope Rae
she was sick here but she still looks cute :)

hahah after their birthday party they were beat!!
and then the day after we took the girls on a picnic
me and sora

lol this is where our three year old gets her attitude her daddy
we had our little picnic at the salt river lake we live in Arizona thanks for taking the time to look at my fun upside down backwards family with a 3 year old and 1 year old things seem to never end around here but I couldn't ask for anything better!!
Love peace and cupcakes :) Amanda

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