December 12, 2011

My little tea pot onesie~ tutorial

as you can see i'm blogging more, I miss blogging so i'm going to try and do it at least a couple times of weeks. Here is another tutorial when I had these onesie in my shop they would go so quick seeing I don't make them anymore i'll show you how and you can make your own :)

This one the first one I ever made and my little Sora was only 1 than :) aww love her

Large piece of lace
circles of silky fabric
embroidery thread and needle

Take your lace (I purchased at SAS) place it on your onesie and see how big you want your "pot" to be then cut it out

now you want to sew it on with some black thread

now take you thread and lets hand sew the stem and leaves

I used my tutorial HERE to make the flower

start under the "pot"

and just keeping sewing all the way up then you start to curve it when you get to the flower like its "slumped" over in a way

Viola you are done easy but a pain at the same time :) hope you enjoy making these for your little cuties...

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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