May 27, 2016

Goodall Cardigan by Petit a Petit

I am in love with everything Celina from Petit a Petit creates, you will never find a bad design that comes from her. She seems to be a head of the game when it comes to trends which is awesome but, I also love how she makes her own trends. She creates the most unique spot on patterns that you can not help but click buy then make it, from there it becomes an amazing trend from which Celina created.

I was able to test another one of her out of this world designs and even though it's a "cardigan" it's a great cardigan. You're going to love it for your son or daughter because it's a unisex piece woohoo she made another unisex item. You can get a pattern that can suite unisex options so in the end your saving a ton of money because you don't have to buy two separate patterns you get both in one.

One more awesome thing about this amazing cardigan is that it's FREE

Here is the GOODALL CARDIGAN I made for Chloe


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