June 29, 2014

Essure part 3

Today my girls went to their gg's (Erik's grandma) house for three days, so for the next three day i'm going to be sewing my heart out and scrubbing my house to no end. I am making tons of loose fitting shorts and dresses for after I get my hysterectomy in a few weeks. I keep getting a lot of people wanting the dress I made HERE so if you would like me to make you any thing i'll be posting all the knits I have and the shorts i'll be making in just a bit. If you see anything you like you can email me at amanda.widmayer@gmail.com and we will work out a price and you can just tell me which knit you want and if you want a dress or shorts etc. But once I have my hysterectomy I wont be sewing at all for awhile, maybe some hand sewing but that is about it.

After I have my hysto done i'll have a bunch of comfy clothes but, life is still going to go back to normal for the most part taking care of three little kids. I know i'm going to be hurting and I know i'm going to have to take an easy but that is going to be so hard when you're use to just going and going and going all day long. I'm also going to have a bunch of freezer foods that can be ready to just pop in the oven or crock pot, it's like having a baby but you come home with no bundle of joy you come home in pain and three kids ready to jump on you and love you. I also want to let you know i'll still be blogging and i'm going to try and get a ton of tutorials done before hand so I can just write it up and it will be like i'm doing tutorials when really i'm sitting/laying on the couch crying in pain lol. 

I think i'm being over dramatic but I just want to prepare my self for anything that can and will or wont happen, i'm only 27 years old I have three gorgeous children that are my entire life. I thought by getting this essure device that it would be a great thing we wouldn't have to worry about having another child because we got our boy we were done having children. Now 2 years later my uterus looks like its been worked on 50 times and I've only given birth to three children (no c sections) and the essure. So for the last 2 years I've been building up scar tissue from the essure (when the piece of crap is only suppose to build up scar tissue around the coils and tubes so no sperm can makes it's way up to the egg). But no it's been building up in my uterus, that's also why i'm in so much pain, my uterus is worthless now it destroyed by this device that should have never EVER been approved by the FDA.

I hope one day soon (seeing bayer has now just been served there first law suit for essure) all the women who are suffering like me will get justice, we never expected this would happen to us or we would have never put it in our bodies plain and simple. But it did and it's happening to more and more women there are new women joining everyday on the facebook page Essure problems and were all there to help each other out even doctors on the page wanting to help in anyway. it's nice to know your not alone when a lot of the times I feel like I am, no one knows how I feel unless you have the device in you and you're having the same problems.

I'm hoping as soon as these metal piece of craps (as my doctor said it) are out of my body i'll start feeling a dramatic change which a lot of the women say they do, the pain goes away like instantly...I can't wait...more to come i'll write soon...off to go make all my clothes for after surgery and for now shoot lol. I will post pictures of my shorts and all the knits I have seeing I've had so many awesome responses on facebook..maybe I should go into making women's clothes maybe i'll get more sales :)..

Oh I also made 6 pairs of knit shorts last night for the girls to wear at gg's they are soooo cute but you will have to wait until they get back home to see what they look like on but I love the jersey knit cool fabric feel on a hot summer day :). Also I made a little jersey knit tunic it was a quick sew I wanted to see how it would look on babies (trying to make pdf patterns its a very slow, but coming along kind of process haha) here's a picture of kinz in it, she looks cute in it and she got to keep it see it was a prototype :)

She is so darn cute right :) this tunic is 3-6 months and fits her pretty darn good.

Okay so enough talking for now back to sewing and then i'm going to start scrubbing my house because lets face it, it needs one really really bad lol. Yes I've been slacking but now that we have one kid here and he is currently napping let the cleaning commence :) or sewing which sounds so much better then cleaning!!!

Much love to all that know how I feel right now with the Essure we will win one day, just keep holding on and find a doctor who doesn't do essure and they will believe you. I went through the whole it's not the essure, it's not related, nothing to do with it etc etc etc...but guess what it's ALL ESSURE it's all related so any doctor who tells you that is on bayer's side not yours. Keep your chin up were going to win this :)

Amanda Rose


  1. Wow I am sorry Amanda this is heartbreaking. I hope you have a very quick recovery.

  2. Amanda, I am so sorry! Take care of yourself! I hope everything goes smoothly and your recovery is speedy!

  3. Thank you girls means a lot to me, I hope everything goes well too. I'm hoping all my symptoms are gone after I get my hysto. Hoping for the best :)

  4. Wow, I was wondering where you went. I got Essure over a year ago after a lot of research. I have found that the reactions are because there is a small amount of nickel and they aren't testing for that before hand, which is bad since it is a foreign object getting put in our bodies. I hope your recovery has gone well and it is good to see you back creating again.


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