December 28, 2011


Christmas was really nice this year very laid back just how I wanted it, I made a lot of the girls presents because when times are tough thats what you do :) and they loved every single thing they got which was nice.

our gift from my mom was these pictures she got done while she had them the weekend before xmas so we could get everything done, from me being sick I just had started gift that weekend.

I love my girls oh so much they keep saying that was grandmas hand lol

my pretty girls

The girls dolls I made from sewing in no man land made them a little smaller and different kind of hair I also used fabric markers and drew the faces on free style :). All the doll clothes I MADE goes with this cute little dolls, everytime chloe opened one up shes like aww I love it mom thank you like she knew I made it :) love her

And now she gets to make her own dolly clothes or what ever she wants with her new sewing machine

the girl got a bunch of goodies, my brother and his finace always get the girls the best books so they got two new ones this year :)

There are tons of photos i took but i'm going to keep it short and sweet I made the old mcdonald farm puppets for them that was a big hit, i'm glad they had a good christmas and next year will be better :)

Even baby Trent got some stuff, were saving right now to get a house and we have to start all over in the baby department we got rid of everything thinking we wouldnt have another baby for years but things happen and we need to start saving and getting stuff for our boy now

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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