June 4, 2011

Potato Stamps ~ tutorial Craft 12

In the month of March when it was craft month, I said that I was going to do a craft everyday and I only got to craft a 11 (awful right?), today i'm going to do craft 12 haha 3 months later! The potato stamp is so easy I did it with my girls they had fun lets get to the tutorial.

Potato Stamp tutorial

my girls finished project

one of  my beautiful assistants

potatoes (any kind)
cookie cutters 
a sharp knife
paint (I just used what I had on hand)
and some paper

cut your potato in half, then place one of your cookie cutters on the potato and push as far in as you can go

now you want to take your knife and cut all the around your cookie cutter make sure you don't cut into the shape.

 it should look like this 

once you take the cookie cutter out it will be a thick shape so the imprint turns out well

once you get all your shapes out, place some paint on to a piece of paper

now dunk your potato into the paint and have fun :)

I let the girls go at it, they had a blast playing with paint and "food"

Sora stamping away

Chloe having fun

3 months later and the pictures are still on our fridge, the potato last for the entire day i'm going to re do this and make cards, I think it would be great for birthday or Christmas cards. Let your mind roam with this super simple awesome craft!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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